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Pier Monde Apartments NightSeries by MEP Films

Case study

The problem

The client approached us and after having a meeting she explained that the morning sun was sending blinding light through the Eastern lounge and bedroom windows making the rooms extremely hot not only waking the client up, it was fading the floors and furnishings. This was the same problem for the afternoon Western sun that is even hotter in the tropical climate of Cairns.  

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Tinting on windows.jpg

The solution

MEP Films Night Series 18 from Llumar films was a great choice fror the apartment as it was a perfect match for existing films so didnt make the windows stand out or look out of place. With a magnificent view that we didnt want to ruin the NightSeries films ability to see through day and night didnt take away at all.  The film has cut down the glare by 82% and the film is now keeping out 62% of the heat coming through the windows stopping the heat before it can get into the apartment and has cut down the fading by cutting out 99% of the UVA+B. 


The result

Apex window tinting performed the installation of film on forty one windows in the apartment which resulted in the client now being able to sleep in with out the glaring sun waking her in the morning and she mentioned that the results were immediately noticable. The airconditioning now working at a lower level which in turn will be saving extra money straigh away. 

NS18 Tinting.jpg
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