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Security Film by MEP and LLumar

Case study

The problem

After a call from the customer in regards to a set of sliding doors that he wanted more security on. With the crime in Cairns at an all time high, and the customer working during the day. The downstairs doors would be a perfect place for someone to break in as they are out of view from the street. 

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Security window tint.jpg

The solution

We came up with a  solution for security that not only gave the cusomer more security but ended up keeping out 62% of the heat, 99% UV and kept a massive 82% of the glare. The product is LLumars NS18 Security film. This product is 175 microns thick when compared to a regular solar film that is around 50 microns. The film has now strengthened the sliding doors and will have a great impact on someone trying to break in through the glass doors.


The result

Apex window tinting performed the installation of security film on six sliding door windows in the downstairs living area which has resulted in the client now being able to sleep with comfort knowing the house is more secure and being able to go to work and not fear that someone has broken in the the house through the sliding door glass. 

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